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Start your Drone Show Business

Are you captivated by the mesmerizing drone light shows? Ready to turn this into a profitable business? Start your drone show venture with Drone Show Technologies, and we'll guide you to financial success in the world of innovative entertainment.

5 core steps to get started


Choose your package today


Get the first batch of drones delivered


Undergo our training program next month


Receive the remaining fleet in 2 months

Design, test and fly your first commercial show in 3 months


Potential drone  show markets

In 2024, the drone show market demonstrated impressive growth, with a fivefold increase reaching a substantial size of $900 million, compared to previous years.

Starting a drone show business offers unprecedented versatility and growth opportunities, as you begin to explore multiple potential markets or create a niche that resonates with your expertise.

Commercial Shows or Brand Promotion

Enhance brand messaging through dynamic and memorable product launches, brand campaigns, and corporate events, integrating brand logos, colors, and themes.

Sports Events

Drone light shows boost halftime shows, pre-game entertainment, and championship games, providing a unique and engaging experience for sports fans.

Public Celebrations

Add a modern touch to the festivities by elevating city festivals and community events with captivating drone shows.

Country and City Projects

Shape city and country identity with stunning drone light displays for national celebrations and landmark events.

Drone show animation

Launching your very first drone show requires a meticulous approach and thorough preparations. Below, you will find a concise checklist to guide you as you begin:

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