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Vector 400

The VECTOR-400 is a cutting-edge, robust, and dependable autopilot, with built-in physical and logical redundancy. Designed to comply with MIL-STD standards required by many Departments of Defense (DoD), the VECTOR-400 is now the Flight Control Computer (FCC) of choice for aerial target applications.

The Professional's Choice for Aerial Targets

Specifically designed to meet the special requirements of aerial targets: catapult launch, highly dynamic maneuvers, high speed flight, sustained +3G maneuvers, parachute recovery, etc.

Fully Automatic Operation

The VECTOR-400 executes the flight completely automatically, from take-off to landing. The operator is able to define the operation and execute it autonomously, but can also modify the operation in flight.

GNSS-Denied Navigation

Exceptional performance in GNSS-denied environments and when there is a jamming threat. High-quality components and an EMI/EMC resistant design (tested to MIL-STD 461), together with advanced estimation logic, serve to mitigate the impact of certain high-power signals and allow precise dead-reckoning navigation even when a reliable GNSS signal becomes unavailable.

Datalink Independent

Advanced onboard software means that the mission can be carried out even if the datalink becomes unavailable or fails.


When a radar altimeter is installed, the VECTOR-400 can use readings from the unit to control high-speed, sea-skimming flight at altitudes down to 7 m above surface level. The system also features automatic abort logic which means the mission can be safely terminated at a predefined safety distance from the target vessel. Such safety features can also be triggered automatically by preset alarms.

Compact and Easy to Integrate

Reduced size and weight allow straightforward integration into the platform's avionics package using a robust Amphenol military grade, twist fit connector. Integrated datalink options are available.

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