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The POLAR-300 is a high-end, MEMS-based Air Data and Attitude and Heading Reference System (ADAHRS) and Inertial Navigation System (INS). It is perfect for system integration in avionics packages or other attitude-sensing applications. POLAR-300 has proved itself in a variety of highly dynamic environments, giving outstanding results.

ADAHRS polar 300.jpg

Precision Attitude Estimation

Years of R&D invested in aerospace-grade estimation algorithms have resulted in outstanding precision and robustness.

Compact and Easy to Integrate

Reduced size and weight allows straight forward integration into the user's system.

Exceptional Performance in Highly Dynamic Conditions and Dead Reckoning Navigation

Exceptional navigation and attitude performance are combined in one device to provide robust and accurate dead reckoning navigation in GNSS-denied environments.

Meticulous Calibration Procedures

UAV Navigation's manufacturing facility is equipped with state-of-the-art calibration and setup instruments; all products are subject to the most stringent Quality Control checks.


None of the traditional gimbal-lock problems.

Lightning-fast Data Rates

Latency is minimized by using the highest data report rates from the sensors (critical for advanced control systems).

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