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Visionair - Ground Control Station (GCS) Software

Visionair is UAV Navigation's (UAVN) standard Ground Control Station (GCS) software for UAV missions. It aids in the planning, execution and post-analysis of UAV operations.

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Intuitive and reliable

Fully featured, customizable interface with an emphasis on the mission. Intuitive and reliable software with strict code versioning and traceability in order to ensure the highest quality standards.

Enhanced Situational Awareness

Multiple graphic helpers, such as gauges, predictive paths, alarms hierarchy, 3D synthetic video representation, Google Earth 3D visualization, or pop-up notifications, make the execution of the mission easier, improve situational awareness, and increase flight safety.

Advanced Sense and Avoidance Capabilities For ATC Monitoring

The UAV Navigation's Flight Control System is compatible with Transponder’s Sagetech ADS-B IN & OUT and visual-based obstacle detection technology such as IRIS CASIA. Visionair provides an intuitive interface that displays indications about the surrounding air traffic and obstacles, including the position, danger categorization, and other useful information about the aircraft, such as predictive trajectories.

All-in-one tool: Configuration, Operation and Post-Analysis

The user will be able to configure, perform complex operations and analyze the telemetry from a single tool.

Advanced Flight Plan Editor

Multiple auto and landing flight plans can be created and modified before and during the flight. This also includes the automatic actions in waypoints. Moreover, each flight plan can be configured as absolute or referenced to guarantee flexibility in more complex maritime and camera-guided operations.  Finally, Visionair features a Flight Plan Generator tool that allows it to cover an area on the map with the most efficient waypoint distribution.

Flexible and Customizable

The software is extremely flexible and can be adapted according to the client’s needs. The user may alter the user interface via layout tool, customize the alarms and gauges and even create their own interface through the Visionair SDK solution.

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