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GHU-100 -Ground Hub Unit

The GHU-100 is the UAV Navigation's Ground Hub Unit intended to connect multiple ground devices together (PC, datalinks, joystick, etc.) and form a single network segment. Specially designed to meet increasingly challenging UAV mission scenarios such as maritime operations, multi-UAV scenarios, multiple GCS control support, and so on. It is compatible with all the solutions provided by UAV Navigation: Target, Fixed Wing, Rotary Wing, and VTOLs, and thanks to the implementation of safety-relevant functionalities on a self-developed RTOS, it increases mission security.


Multi-UAV & Multi-GCS Missions

The GHU-100 has been developed to support Multi-UAV telemetry, ensuring improved self-awareness, efficiency, and safety in very complex mission scenarios. It will also support multiple joysticks connections to allow each pilot to command a specific UAV among all those flying.

High System Flexibility

Thanks to its extended I/Os capabilities and software flexibility, it becomes a perfect tool to be integrated into complex GCS setups for connecting multiple GCS payloads (NMEA inputs, RTK corrections, multi PTUs…). The software architecture allows the implementation of drivers to meet any special architecture requirements that the customer might need. This flexibility ensures compatibility with JY02 and other COTS joysticks.

Increased System Robustness

The safety-relevant GCS functionalities are implemented directly on a real-time operating system developed by UAV Navigation for this purpose. This allows the system to be completely independent of a third-party OS and have a deterministic behaviour of the GCS under standard and emergency conditions. On top of that, the manufacturer will be able to implement radio redundancy to ensure a quick response in case of communication failure.

System Ready for Complete Maritime Missions

The GHU-100 has been designed to conform with IP66, making it perfectly suitable for maritime mission integration thanks to its ability to accept NMEA inputs from the ship’s GNSS sources, sending “references source” information to the autopilot, including RTK corrections as well as supporting Multi-PTU connections.

Easy Integration on Advance GCS Architectures

GHU-100 is a powerful tool to be integrated into a more complex GCS architecture which might require: multiple light indicators, physical buttons, throttle control, pedals or “HOTAS”, multiple radio links and so on.

Simple Installation and Configuration

UAV Navigation GCS software, Visionair, features a user-friendly tool that allows the user to configure the GHU-100 according to the GCS architecture.

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