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Vector 600

The VECTOR-600 is UAV Navigation's most advanced autopilot. VECTOR-600 is a robust and dependable unit, with built-in physical and logical redundancy, allowing it to survive all individual sensor failures while maintaining accurate estimates of attitude and position. This dependability has helped the VECTOR-600 rapidly to become the autopilot of choice for UAV professionals who require the most advanced and reliable autopilot for fixed-wing, rotary-wing, and VTOL UAVs.

GNSS-Denied Navigation

Exceptional performance in GNSS-denied environments and when there is a jamming threat. High-quality components and an EMI/EMC resistant design (tested to MIL-STD 461), together with advanced estimation logic, serve to mitigate the impact of certain high-power signals and allow precise dead-reckoning navigation even when a reliable GNSS signal becomes unavailable.

Fully Automatic Operation

The VECTOR-600 executes the flight completely automatically, from take-off to landing. The operator is able to define the operation and execute it automatically but can also modify the operation in flight. The platform can also operate autonomously in controlled air traffic areas thanks to the integration of the transponder In & Out (ACAS I) and geofencing capabilities, including in-flight re-planning when detecting unauthorized fly areas.

DO-178C oriented Software Development

VECTOR-600’s software code is developed in accordance with recognized industry standards such as MISRA and JPL (NASA). In keeping with aerospace standards, it also follows strict code versioning and traceability

Qualified Hardware for Cross Domain Missions

VECTOR-600's hardware is qualified against MIL-STD-810F (vibration, acceleration, humidity, rain, temperature, etc.), MIL-STD 461F (EMI) and ISO 9001:2015 standards.

Easily Configurable

VECTOR-600’s software allows complex operations to be configured in an intuitive, user-friendly way; for example, automatic actions (e.g. activate user switch, change flight mode, etc) can be configured to activate on certain triggers (waypoints, COMM Loss, etc) for cargo-drop or photography. The software has been designed to allow fast and simple autopilot configuration. Additionally, the flight control loops can be adjusted by the customer to meet specific requirements.

Outstanding proprietary ADAHRS-INS

VECTOR-600 uses a proprietary Air Data and Attitude & Heading Reference Systems (ADAHRS) developed by UAV Navigation to fuse the data provided by multiple sensors and to protect against single and even multiple sensor failure. The results have been favourably compared to FOG unit performance. Additional sensors (e.g. RTK) can be integrated to further enhance performance if required.

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